Cannabis and Spirituality

Cannabis and Spirituality

Cannabis to be present.

You are a remarkably complex spiritual being inside an equally complex physical body, the very fact that you have ended up reading this article is a truly remarkable feat in itself.

Every day is a gift, from the mundane to the magnificent, and yet, we probably don't feel this way.

Modern society for all of its amazing discoveries and inventions has been at war with our individual spiritual energy.

More than ever before life is designed to distract us from ourselves, our feelings, and our emotions. We are being bombarded with so many stimuli it is easy to find ourselves on auto-pilot more often than not.

The dopamine that we love has been weaponized to steal our attention.

Do you ever feel as though you've been on auto-pilot?

Do you get the urge to pick up your phone when you feel anxious?

Well, you aren't alone.

In a period dominated by accessible consumption, it is imperative that we introduce mindfulness and conscious awareness towards what we are consuming on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

I have no reference other than my own experience but it seems to me that society has shifted from spiritual healing and being conscious of self to a strictly evidence-based sense of being and I believe it is doing a disservice to ourselves as humans.

It would be naïve to believe that there isn't more to this than we can explain and yet the hubris of humans has often led us to believe we know.


Cannabis as a spiritual ally

Cannabis helps you live in those moments that are present with you, no matter how simple they may seem at first glance. It isn't a panacea but the use of cannabis can act as a catalyst to understanding your spiritual energy.

It is essential to be present with your feelings, not just when you are consuming cannabis but all the time, every day.

The spiritual awakening process is complex and nonlinear but cannabis and spirituality have through our history been entangled. The concept of cannabis being used as a sacred herb for religious and ritual use in spiritual practices evolved long before we began incorporating it into movie nights.

When our lives are busy we have no time for ourselves, so when you do indulge in cannabis try to sit down and relax, not just blaze up if you know what I mean.

Sacred shamanic wisdom has long incorporated cannabis as a sacred medicine plant but full knowledge is not required to receive the plant's medical benefits.

When incorporating cannabis in spiritual practice practitioners have honored plant spirit allies, this can be as simple as setting intent prior to consumption.


Cannabis spirituality

I don't know if there is any defined term for cannabis spirituality, I didn't search either, instead, I will give you my interpretation of what it means and you can use this along with all of the other information you find to create your own interpretation.

There is no doubt in my mind that cannabis can open doors in your mind to deep inner thoughts and feelings you probably haven't felt for a long time, if ever.

Being present with your entire self, conscious in the moment, can lead to some amazing experiences.


Spiritual benefits

By understanding the energy within our entire body, we can begin to understand and recognize the spiritual energy that is within us.

Cannabis enables us to achieve a deep connection with ourselves and recognition of this amazing feeling is what cannabis spirituality is all about.

Your mind is just another part of your body that deserves to be taken care of by working out any blockages that may be present within it.

Spiritual healers, practitioners, explorers have seen significant spiritual benefit from the condensed and heightened mindfulness that accompanies a cannabis experience completed with intent.


How to navigate your cannabis spiritual practice

Try and incorporate conscious cannabis use into your routine. It doesn't have to be every time you consume but reward yourself by exploring the plant's spiritual benefits when you have the opportunity.

The mind is like a muscle; the stronger it becomes the more you can do with yourself. I believe that cannabis provides a path to strengthening your connection with the mind.

Cannabis is a nonspecific amplifier, it enhances whatever you are experiencing during its use, so if your mind is in a positive place during consumption, amazing things can happen.

The more open-minded you are to the plant's medicinal benefits the more the experience will reward you. This concept is known as asset or mindSET.

A diverse spiritual experience does not mean that you will only feel positive emotions; cannabis will bring out anything that is bugging you or keeping you from being as happy as possible or just living your life to its fullest at this particular moment. This can be difficult for some to encounter.

The first step to truly understanding the self is understanding the internal path to the emotions you feel. What is the device that drives the unconscious material?

If you are having a bad day or feeling negative about something that happened in the past, try asking yourself what it is specifically that's making you feel this way, and then have a good long think about how you can change it.

You'll be surprised how easy it is to make yourself happier when you are present with your feelings, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about something that might happen in the future.

Describing cannabis's entheogenic properties is difficult, ineffable, as it is subjective and only truly meant to advance your unique awakening journey.


Embrace your ancient plant spirit ally

You don't have to fear any emotions or feelings although allowing yourself to feel perceived negative emotions like sadness or anger can be difficult for some.

Recall that anger and happiness are only separated by varying degrees of the same emotion. Much like temperature: hot and cold are not things they are just varying degrees of energy relative to one another.

Examine any emotions that cannabis may bring up, don't fear perceived negative emotions as these are also just varying degrees of the same thing.

Taking the step to allow yourself to feel all emotions will open you up to an entire world of feelings and experiences that may have been closed off to you before.

Once you allow yourself this freedom, your mind will help guide you into places that you need to go, even if you don't think it necessary.


Your personal spiritual experience

Living in every moment is incredibly easy with a good friend and some good herb by your side. Just remember that everything around you right now is incredible and full of beauty in its own way.

When you smoke cannabis, your mind will go through a wide range of emotions and thoughts. You can use this time to rid yourself of negative feelings and be more positive about the future if needed. Being in the moment with cannabis is so important because it makes you appreciate every sensation that goes on


Applying for the cannabis plant's healing benefits

Take your time to explore other ways of living, not just through cannabis but it can be a gateway into other possibilities that may take you out of your comfort zone as well as within it.

Indulge in conscious cannabis use and you will be rewarded with a deeper comprehension of your existence.

Use the lessons learned from your spiritual cannabis journey and apply them to daily life. The true process of psychedelic healing comes full circle when you can apply the plant's spirit without requiring consumption, in this way you will feel the positive aspects in all situations of your own reality.


Everyone's favorite herbal ally

While cannabis isn't the only plant substance with diverse spiritual uses it certainly is one of the most popular.

Unsurprisingly many of the amazing plant allies capable of spurring spiritual exploration are currently illegal drugs in the vast majority of the world... I won't dive into this today but it certainly gets you thinking.

While cannabis smoking is the most common method of consumption there are a number of different ways to consume these sacred plants, each with its own unique benefits. Check out this blog for more information on consumption.


The modern cannabis movement

There is a paradigm shift in the legal Canadian cannabis movement, at least I truly hope so as with InstaLeaf we want to support a connected, intentional understanding of cannabis-based effects and experiences rather than conventional corporate greed.

Cannabis legalization is a remarkable thing, affording us opportunities that would not be possible in 99% of the world.

Out of the gate marketing, efforts directed the community to a high THC / low-cost commodity model. The issue with this is that it has no bearing on effects, and rather was a corporate rush to establish market dominance.

Cannabis is a truly dynamic plant made up of cannabinoids and terpenes, there is so much more to your high than THC.

I love cannabis, I think it is a truly remarkable plant when integrated properly into your life and at InstaLeaf our goal is to provide the best possible experience for your needs so that we can spread this same passion and awareness to other.

Conscious cannabis consumption is something that I would like to see the modern cannabis movement explore, this plant is truly a medicine and I believe there are spiritually beneficial ways in can be introduced in both therapeutic and recreational settings.


People's eternal quest

Seek out experiences that make you feel more connected to yourself and the universe around us. Live with intent, ground yourself and do not allow yourself to be controlled by your desires.

Or don't.

There is no correct path through life and these are only my thoughts meant to provide additional perspective. Ensure that you embrace this sacred world and live in the most fulfilling manner unique to your needs.

Your mind is a gift, treat it well and many wonderful things can happen on the journey to living your life as consciously as possible.

Above all else, enjoy the ride.

Stay Lifted,


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