Legal Cannabis Benefits 

Legal Cannabis benefits

Legal Cannabis benefits- Why we should all purchase from the legal market

Canadians like cannabis. It’s hard to get exact numbers, but Canada is always near the top of indexes that rank countries based on cannabis consumption. The consumer market has existed here for ages, and less than a year ago Canada became the first G7 country to legalize cannabis. Since then, the legal market, although not perfect, has been growing steadily.

While it’s no secret that cannabis legalization hasn’t eliminated Canada’s black market, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you why we think buying legally is important, and why we should support the legal market. Many Canadians have cited supply and price issues as reasons why they continue to turn to illicit cannabis, and there’s no denying that you can find high quality cannabis at low prices, same as you always could. Cannabis legalization is still very new, and if we want to see Canada lead the world in terms of a legal market and legal cannabis products, we should support it in its infancy. That aside, there are numerous reasons why buying legal is personally beneficial for you, the consumer.

It’s legal Cannabis!

It may sound silly to point out, but illegal cannabis is still just that, illegal. Purchasing illicit cannabis in small quantities may not be likely to result in serious charges or jail time if you are caught, but why risk it if you can buy legally?

Buying legal also helps support and grow the legal market, which benefits all consumers both recreational and medicinal. The black market (many would call it the original market) has existed for so long that it’s only natural that it take time for the legal market to catch up in terms of price and ease of access. Buying legal supports the new market, generates tax revenue, and constantly generates new data that the government, producers, and distributors can use to facilitate what we all want - high quality, low prices, and easy access.

A larger and more successful legal market also leads to increased research, more access to information, and more interest in the plant and its potential uses. Now that buying legal is an option, it makes sense to reduce your own risk and to promote the expansion of the legal market.

Quality control on legal product

One of the major selling points behind legal cannabis is quality and safety control. There are many requirements for producers, such as testing for mould and contaminants, having a defined sanitary program, and quality assurance. There have already been recalls of product found to be mouldy or deemed unfit for sale. While this doesn’t help supply issues, it does point to the fact that oversight is working, and that quality control does serve its purpose. This is particularly important for new consumers who may not know what to look for or how to judge the quality of cannabis. Even seasoned consumers may unknowingly purchase compromised product.

Even more important is the quality and safety of product being used for medical purposes. Patients with preexisting symptoms or conditions will be more susceptible to adverse effects from unregulated product. With illicit cannabis there is also no guarantee that you are getting the strain you think you are. Names can easily be changed, and if you are looking for specific strains for specific purposes, you are far better off sourcing from licensed producers.

Know what’s in your cannabis

Third party testing also verifies terpene content. Terpenes play an important role in producing effects such as mood enhancement or pain relief (see our article on terpenes for more on this topic). If you are searching out cannabis that can relieve specific symptoms or provide desired recreational effects, knowing the terpene profile is an important piece of information. The chances of illegal producers or dealers knowing this information is far less likely than licensed and regulated producers. Third party testing, and all the information regarding the compounds and terpenes found in different cannabis, will also be important once edibles and concentrates become more prominent in the legal marketplace. It’s harder to tell what you’re getting with products that aren’t dried flower, and you rely more on the honesty or your supplier in such cases. With legally purchased products you are simply more likely to get what you pay for, and to be able to find more specific products with more specific effects.

Better selection in the legal stores

This brings us to selection. Knowing what terpenes, THC, or CBD levels you’re after doesn’t really matter if you can only choose between a few different strains. We aren’t debating that illicit producers can grow high quality cannabis. They can, and do. Canada’s black market has existed for too long and is too well established to say otherwise. However, there is no question that a legal market and licensed Cannabis Store will provide a greater selection of product, whether we are talking about dried flower, edibles, or other extracts and concentrates. Make sure to check into to find strains right for you and the nearest Cannabis Store that has that strain in stock. 

The Ontario Cannabis Store, for example, currently has 110 strains of dried flower available on their website. 110. There was a time not too long ago when many consumers would have been happy to have just a couple different indicas and sativas to choose from. Yes, it might be more expensive than buying from an illegal source, but there is no dealer on the planet with a hundred strains for you to choose from. Once you start including every other cannabis based product the difference only becomes more pronounced.

Looking forward at what is to come

Canada’s legal cannabis market is young and far from perfect. Measures will have to be taken by the government to ensure that it continues to grow and service Canadian consumers. Quality, safety, price, and supply will likely remain the primary concerns for most customers. Prices may need to be reduced in order to draw more people away from the illegal market, and most industry experts would probably agree that the individual provinces should license more retail locations. In the meantime make sure to download the instaleaf app and find your nearest Cannabis Store anywhere in Canada!

As consumers, we should also do our part to help grow the legal market. Canada is the first G7 country to legalize, and that’s something to be proud of. The more we support the legal market, the more likely it is to evolve into what we as consumers want it to be. For now, let’s enjoy the simple fact that we can consume legally, and can openly celebrate the amazing plant that is cannabis.

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