Proof of Vaccination Needed for Saskatchewan Stores

Proof of Vaccination Needed for Saskatchewan Stores

It has been a bit of a world wind for SK cannabis stores since this pandemic begun. Initially classified as an essential service in line with the rest of Canada. A recent public health order has now evolved to group cannabis retailers into the same category as events, concerts, bars, and gyms. This unfortunate news comes with a change in policing needed for cannabis store clientele, which include proof of vaccination for customers to not only enter an establishment but even to pickup curbside.

Regadless of where you stand on if the risk justifies current mandates surrounding vaccination this unfortunate change will prevent unvaccinated Saskatchewan residents from accessing an essential service as deeemed by the province. This recent news has led Canadian cannabis activists to hit the streets in protest as it significantly hinders access to a plant that is helping people get through this incredibly difficult time. While entering a store could be seen by some as an uneccesary risk, no access to curbside pickup simply makes no sense for both business owners and patrons. In response the SLGA has chimed in and called the new order a "temporary pandemic response".

Although not a solution for the local cannabis retailers. A workaround can be found for non-jabbed canna enthusiast's through the medical cannabis programs offered across Canada. Head over to InstaLeaf to find the nearest cannabis friendly doctor. Where you can get a prescription and have your cannabis delivered directly to your door through Canada Post.

For the retailers it is a little more difficult. Many at their wits end as the goal posts keep getting pushed and regulations change. Already short staffed stores are now responsible for policing jab passports, which will put even more pressure on resources.

With this unfortunate news many stores are forced to close or enact the new policy. The Regina Cannabis Club found it necessary to shut its doors for the immediate future, while other stores including Eden have decided that they will close on Tuesday until further notice. It is uncertain if this pandemic will get worse before it gets better. Only time will tell if many of these cannabis stores will survive. However as it stands right now, it's a bit of a clusterf**k.


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