The OCS Data Leak

There has been an Ontario retailer data leak...

but why is this important?

Society operates on trust. We have faith that as we switch from physical currency to digital that the money will be accessible when we need it, and we have faith that our private information will remain private.

With digitization we've become distanced from our own data but in reality, it is no different than having all of your hardcopy records kept in a filing cabinet.


The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) which is the mandated provincially run central distribution channel for cannabis products to retailers has confirmed that there has been a data leak and they are investigating the theft of sensitive business data.

For those unaware, competition is incredibly fierce in the Ontario cannabis retail market.

And this leak may have included information on all product flow through the Ontario retailers.

Basically, everything you need to value a business in the case of offering a buyout or figure out where to open up shop. With online speculation that some retailers may now have a target on their backs.

I understand if you’re a retailer that this could feel a little exposing, data breaches are also privacy breaches, and we entrust that our data remains private.

Now I’ve been reading some thoughts on this, but I want to hear your perspective.

If you’re the OCS how do you repair the trust with your retailers?

And on an individual level are you conscious of how your data is being handled?

I’m a firm believer in the power of this plant and the community behind it if we can just figure out how to rally together!

For the entities responsible for the leak, there is no space in the cannabis industry for you.

Respect the plant, and the people.

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