The OCS is Resuming Operations and Delivering Orders to Retailers

An eagerly anticipated return to operations is finally here for the Ontario Cannabis Store and their third-party logistics partner, Domain Logistics.

The OCS is the provincially mandated supplier for all retailers in Ontario.

Earlier this month Domain Logistics underwent a cyber incident, compromising the distribution branch of the OCS.

This led to retailers in Ontario being unable to restock product with fears that this would not only impact sales at retailers but also cause business to go elsewhere in an already highly competitive market.

The OCS has reiterated that they do not believe this cyber incident targeted or compromised customer information in any way as this follows an internal leak earlier this month at the OCS that compromised sensitive retailer data.

The OCS will be operating around the clock as it attempts to catch up on a backlog of catalogue orders placed during the downtime.

In my personal opinion this shows some weakness in the consolidation of our supply chains and this ties in very closely with the current issues that the BCLDB is having with getting product to retailers in British Columbia.

We will keep you up-to-date as the story continues to evolve.


InstaLeaf Canadian Cannabis News Team.

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