Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Grass or Hay?

Cannabis isn’t one homogenous unit, rather it is a bouquet of complex aromas and flavours cause by natural chemicals known as terpenes and cannabinoids.


This means that the smells you get from cannabis will vary from strain-to-strain and even batch-to-batch.


Smell can be subjective; however, typically you are looking for a dynamic range of pungent aromas indicating a diverse and strong terpene profile.


The aromas of cannabis can tell you a lot about the type and quality of your product.


But have you ever smelt hay?


No, this isn’t the start of a country song – although it could be. Sometimes cannabis can be accompanied by a grass or hay smell.


So, what does grassy cannabis mean?


Chlorophyll can be responsible for the grass or hay smell in your cannabis.


Chlorophyll in cannabis?


Chlorophyll is a completely natural green pigment found in plants help absorb energy from light.


After you harvest your cannabis the cure begins, it’s during this process that the chlorophyll is typically broken down.


If you improperly dry or cure your cannabis too fast the chlorophyll doesn’t have time to properly break down and you’re left with the hay aroma in your cannabis.


Is chlorophyll safe to consume?


Cannabis with excess chlorophyll is still perfectly safe to consume; however, if the curing process was done improperly that can mean that the Terpene profile may be reduced, and the quality of your buds may be lower.


During the curing process the buds reach ideal humidity, this is also accompanied by changes to the chemical profile of the cannabis through a  process known as biosynthesis.


In order to maximize the unique profiles of your cannabis the process continues long after the harvesting of the plant and into proper curing and storing procedures.


Train your nose to pick up on variations just by practicing consistently. 



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