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Does Cannabis Make Music Better?

If you've ever wondered if cannabis improves your appreciation of music, the short answer is maybe.

The long answer is more nuanced as appreciation is a difficult objective trait to measure; however, if you'll indulge yourself for the next few moments you just might find something here to entertain and even surprise you.

First a clarification: this is not a guide on how to use cannabis, so I won't bother explaining the options for ingesting it. Likewise, I'm going to assume that everyone reading this knows what music is and have no need of an explanation of what constitutes "good" or "enjoyable" music; and it bears no need for mentioning that enjoyment is subjective as I seem to have reached a point where I no longer understand some new genres of music.

Finally, I'm using the term "cannabis" here to cover all forms of the drug including marijuana, hashish, and countless others—in short, this is about cannabis broadly defined.


Our perception defines our reality

The question then becomes, does cannabis enhance your perception of music?

It alters the senses you experience music with, but it directly affects only one of t...

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